How to make use of data filtered by category?

  • To view users’ results filtered by different categories you should click on Data Mining in the upper toolbar.
  • This gives an overall view of the performance of all the patients under a particular professional’s care and you can make comparisons by filtering the users by different fields.

  • The data of the people using the platform can be filtered by different fields in the Data Use screen:
    • Centre
    • Level
    • Minimum age
    • Maximum age
    • Gender
    • Educational level

You can view the main statistics of the users who fulfil the selected criteria:

  • GCI – General Ability Index. When the working memory and/or processing speed are either significantly higher or lower than verbal and/or nonverbal areas, the GAI is used as a more precise representation of intellectual capacity. The GAI can be used in the same way as the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) to determine learning problems when there is a serious discrepancy between ability and achievement.
  • Emotional state – questions about the emotional state which appear at the end of the activities.
  • Self-assessment – at the end of the activities, tablet users are asked to make a self-assessment.
  • Cognitive stimulation time – the time the user remained on the platform.
  • MMSE – The Mini Mental State Examination is a very widely-used method of detecting cognitive impairment and monitoring its evolution in patients with neurological disorders, especially in the elderly.
  • Memory Test - This test helps to identify whether the user has problems when it comes to remembering things. The results serve as guidance.


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