How to create new activities?

  • You can create new activities and upload them to the platform and you can even download the contents associated with them for therapeutic use.
  • To get to the Mementia Activities page, click on ACTIVITIES in the upper toolbar.

  • In this screen you can add new activities and view a list of the activities already recorded on the platform.
  • To add a new activity, click on NEW ACTIVITY.

  • In the Create New Activity screen the following headings will appear:
    • Name of activity
    • Description of activity
    • Objective
    • Capacity – Specify the cognitive capacity that you want to develop with this activity

    • Engines:
    • Drag engine: the drag engine changes significantly according to the question/response – in this example, there are numerous options that need to be dragged to multiple locations. The engine has four different internal modes which are specified when you upload the CSV file of the questions.
      • Order – this entails putting a series of elements into a certain order, e.g. letters within a word, words within a sentence, numbers, etc.
      • Link – this entails linking a series of related elements and allows the option of linking images with text, text with images and images with images.
      • Template – this entails copying a starting template. Only square templates are supported, and only templates that have a single element to answer in each row.
      • Puzzle – a puzzle needs to be completed. Square and rectangular puzzles are supported to a maximum of 3 rows and 5 columns.
    • Question and answer engine – only one of the answer options is valid.
    • Question and answer engine with waiting time – this is a very similar engine to the previous one, but adds the option of introducing a period of time while the screen is blank after presenting the question.
    • Multiple tick engine – this allows multiple response options to be selected and ticked on a variable table of options. This engine includes activities such as crossing out a series of letters, crossing out a series of numbers, crossing out a series of words, crossing out a series of images, etc.

  • Repetitions – you need to indicate whether you want repetitions and the minimum number of plays of this new activity.

If you note that there are three minimum plays and two repetitions of the same activity, this will come up three times in a row on two occasions during the training plan.

  • If you want the activity to be printable, you need to tick this box.
  • You can indicate whether the questions added to an activity have a personalized level or not; otherwise the level is set by default.
  • If you note any errors in a particular activity you can specify that the activity is excluded from users’ training plans.
  • Click on SAVE to store the new activity.

  • Once the activity has been saved, you should search for it to edit it.

  • For each activity you need to add questions; these are added using a CSV file created following the parameters established by the engine that corresponds to the question.
  • You can also add content related to this activity; this might be Word or PDF files with questions or contents that can be used to generate off-platform activities. They could also be videos (MP4), audio files (MP3) or images (.png).

  • If you want to know how to make CSV files to create questions, click here.
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