How to create and personalize training modules?

  • To get to the Mementia Modules screen, click on MODULES in the upper toolbar:

  • The modules contain the different activities.
  • The Modules screen displays the list of modules that are already configured. You can define modules by skill level, centre, user group, individual user, etc.
  • You can add new modules and edit those that are already configured.
  • If you click on NEW MODULE you can create new modules:

  • You need to complete the following parameters:
    • Name of module – this is a required field.
    • Description - to be able to identify them.
  • To add activities to the module, you need to choose the skill you want to train from the dropdown menu:
      • Language
      • Calculating
      • Memory
      • Important
      • Executive functions
      • Orientation
  • The lower menu shows all the activities that have already been created in this skills category. Choose one of the proposed activities.
  • Click on ADD TO MODULE.
  • In the table on the right, all the activities added to the module you are creating will appear.

  • Click on SAVE to store all the details of the new module.
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