How to view the results of each senior user?

In this screen you can view the details of each user along with the updated details of their last training sessions:

  • User’s personal details.
  • Training plan.
    • Start date
    • End date
    • Results
    • Cognitive stimulation time
    • Emotional state
    • Self-assessment
    • Actions
      • Edit
      • Results
  • History of MMSE marks.
  • History of Memory Test scores.
  • Monitoring history
  • Graph of general results
  • Skills graph:
    • Attention
    • Matheatical Skills
    • Executive functions
    • Language
    • Memory
    • Orientation

  • The Training Plan section lists the different modules that the user has played and/or will play.
  • In the modules that the user has already played, the RESULTS will appear in the actions column; click on this and you can view the details of that training session.

  • The result displayed in the upper left-hand side of the screen is the average of the activities done in that session; this is the most significant result as it takes into account the repetitions, minimal plays, etc.
  • The result that appears in the lower part of the screen is the average of the activities done by the user in the session without taking into account repetitions, minimal plays, etc. This is a simple measurement for monitoring the user’s average on a daily basis.


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