How do senior users play?

  • Once they have logged on to the app, users should click on Start Training to enter the activity module.

  • Users will be assigned an activity module suited to their level of cognitive impairment.
  • Various exercises will be displayed on the screen, including activities for exercising attention, memory, executive functions, language, calculation and orientation skills.The activities will run on from each other as they are completed.
  • In Mementia the modules are designed for four levels of difficulty:
    • For people with moderate cognitive impairment (MoCI)
    • For people with slight cognitive impairment (MCI),
    • For people with age-related memory loss (AAML),
    • For healthy individuals who want to enhance their skills (Expert).
  • The following example is one of the activities for attention skills and the correct answers are shown in green.
  • If the answer is wrong, it is shown in red.


  • When users have finished their session, Mementia will ask them two questions:
    • One is to ascertain their own assessment of their performance:

  • The other is to ascertain the user’s emotional state:

  • Once the module has been completed, a message appears on the screen to inform the user.
    • Click on Back to carry on training.
    • Click on End Session to finish training.


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